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Attendance at Martinsville boys basketball game to be capped at 300

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

MARTINSVILLE, VA – There is an attendance cap for basketball games in Martinsville after a fight broke out at the end of the January 18 game.

“We're continuing to review footage from that game, trying to identify people who came out of the stands and onto the court. Anyone that we identify will be banned from future games,” said Martinsville City Public Schools Communications and Community Outreach Coordinator Callie Hietala.

Starting on Friday, a maximum of 300 spectators will be allowed.

The players, coaches, and school officials do not count as spectators.

“Moving forward, anyone who is not authorized to be on the court and who does come onto our court be will banned from our games,” Hietala stated.

School officials say this is an evolving situation and they will continue to review and evaluate their game attendance policies moving forward.

“We want to make sure that our students, our faculty and our community all feel safe when they come to any school event. Student safety is one of our top priorities in athletics and anywhere else,” Hietala added.

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