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Fight breaks out after high school basketball game in Martinsville

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

MARTINSVILLE, VA – A fight broke out after a high school basketball game in Martinsville on Wednesday night.

During the varsity boys’ game between Magna Vista and Martinsville high schools at Martinsville Middle School, there was a small skirmish between the players.

This ultimately sparked chaos and game spectators rushed to the court.

School administration and law enforcement officers were able to quickly control the situation.

Outside the gymnasium, a video circulating on social media shows a fight broke out between some females.

“All of the parties involved are juvenile females,” Martinsville Police Chief Rob Fincher said. “We had one parent to file a report which we will be following up on with juvenile court services, but because of their ages, there is limited information I can give.”

The Police Chief said that charges will likely result from the incident.

“I will say that no one was seriously hurt,” Fincher added.

Attendance at Friday's basketball game vs. Mecklenburg will be restricted.

“Only the student-athletes, the parents of the student-athletes, game officials, and school officials will be permitted in the gym. We are evaluating whether the games will be restricted for the remainder of the basketball season,” Martinsville High School Principal Dr. Aji Dixon wrote in statement.

Each player from the Martinsville and Mecklenburg teams will be allowed to have two parent/guardian spectators attend, according to Dixon.

“The matter is currently under investigation by both school divisions,” said Martinsville City Public Schools Communications and Community Outreach Coordinator Callie Hietala. “At the conclusion of that process we will determine what, if any, actions need to be taken.”

No one was arrested.

“HCPS's administrative team is working to investigate the events of last evening at this time,” stated Henry County Public Schools Director of Communications Monica Hatchett. “As with any incident, our safety team will debrief following the investigation to determine whether adjustments to safety procedures need to be made for the future.”

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