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Woods will be Henry County Schools' Director of Student Support Services

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Matthew Woods, who currently serves as principal of Fieldale-Collinsville Middle School, will be Director of Student Support Services for Henry County Public Schools.

Woods previously served students in Georgia and in Roanoke City Public Schools as a professor and administrator, as well as serving the students of Bassett High School as a teacher.

“I am excited and honored to support the administrators, teachers, students, and families of Henry County in this capacity. Ensuring student safety and helping each of them achieve their full potential is my goal and I am eager to work together with families to help students exceed their goals for the future,” Woods said.

The school board approved the superintendent’s recommendation to fill the administrative position at their Thursday meeting.

“Mr. Woods’ passion for supporting each student’s safety and social emotional needs will be an essential asset in his new role. I am pleased to have him collaborate with the school community to ensure that every student has the foundation they need for success,” said Superintendent Sandy Strayer.

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