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Wanted Martinsville man arrested after being found hiding in attic

PATRICK COUNTY – A Martinsville man wanted on felony charges was arrested Tuesday, according to Sheriff Dan Smith.

Jason Ramon Wooden, 36, of Hendricks Court in Martinsville, was charged with breaking and entering of a residence, grand larceny and obstruction of justice after he was arrested in the attic space of an apartment on West Blue Ridge Street in Stuart, Smith said.

Wooden had been evading capture for nearly three weeks, according to Smith.

Deputies received information prompting them to investigate that Wooden was allegedly staying with a female subject in the apartment.

Contact was made with the apartment’s resident and permission was gained to search the apartment.

Smith stated that deputies heard movement in the attic area of the apartment and they began to order the suspect to give himself up.

The apartment was evacuated and the suspect refused to comply with commands given by the sheriff’s office.

Smith stated that chemical agents were eventually deployed into the confined attic space by members of the department’s tactical response team and entry was made into the attic by team members.

Wooden was found in the attic hiding behind several stacked boxes.

He continued to physically resist deputies before and after he was handcuffed, according to the sheriff.

The apartment’s resident, Julia Lucian Hutchens, 40, was also charged with obstruction of justice.

Wooden’s charges stem from a residential break in that occurred in the Five Forks area approximately three weeks ago.

Smith stated that two other suspects have already been arrested in relation to that burglary.

Wooden is being held without bond in the Patrick County Jail.

The investigation into other larcenies in the Five Forks area is continuing, Smith stated.

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