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Virginia High School League to wait until May to decide on spring sports

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA – The Virginia High School League held a conference call Tuesday morning with its crisis management team to discuss the future of spring sports.

The crisis management team recommended to delay any final action until May.

“While we recognize the importance sports has on our students and communities, the COVID-19 threat is real and people need to follow all the regulations and recommendations from the CDC, Virginia Department of Health, and the Governor. We must make that our number one priority,” said executive director Dr. John W. “Billy” Haun.

In addition to discussing COVID-19, the team discussed at length other obstacles that would have to be resolved before implementing any options for the spring sports season for any athletes.

“Any options for the spring sports season will require that COVID-19 is no longer a threat and poses no health risks to our student-athletes or the public. In every situation, every decision we make has been, and will be made in the best interest of our student-athletes and public safety,” Haun added.

VHSL said that if they do pursue spring sports, no state champions would be recognized and the following obstacles would have to be resolved:

  • They would have to change their calendar to allow sports participation in July, since spring sports are supposed to end in June.

  • They would have to waive the one-week dead period that annually includes the first week of July.

  • Student-athletes would be required to have a new physical beginning July 1 and parents would have to certify on the form that the student-athlete has insurance.

  • College students and students taking summer classes that are not part of any dual enrollment situation are no longer in high school which would violate both enrollment and BonaFide student rules.

  • Any athlete signing a professional contract would not be eligible. Baseball has its draft and signing in the second week of June.

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