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Villa Heights community to get modernized sewer lines

HENRY COUNTY, VA – Henry County's Villa Heights community will be getting an upgrade to its sewer system.

This is thanks to funds received by the Henry County Public Service Authority through the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality Clean Water Revolving Loan Fund.

The PSA Board of Directors unanimously voted on Monday to approve the use of the loan funds to cover the cost of the project which amounts to $5,970,100.

Of the total, approximately $300,000 qualifies for principal forgiveness, bringing the loan amount down to about $5.6 million, according to officials.

The PSA will pay down the loan over a 30-year period at a 0.5 percent interest rate.

Staff estimates the loan will require a $203,626 annual payment.

“We received a fantastic rate from the state on this loan,” said Dale Wagoner, PSA General Manager. “The sewer lines throughout Villa Heights are quite dated and require a lot of ongoing maintenance. So while this project may come at a slight cost for the PSA, it is a worthwhile endeavor to alleviate some of those ongoing costs while also improving services for an underserved community.”

The PSA said in addition to the sewer line replacement, the project will also include creating more manhole access spaces throughout the community to address any potential future complications with the system.

Staff estimates that construction could begin in 2024 with an expected timeline of completion of about two years.

In other matters, the board:

  • Approved an additional appropriation of $547,575 in grant funds received through the state’s Hazard Mitigation Grant program for the purchase of standby generators

  • The generators will be placed at water booster pump stations in Oak Level and Fieldale to provide backup power during extended power outages

  • Received monthly reports on finance, engineering, construction, and regulatory compliance

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