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U.S. Surgeon General receives mask holders made in Henry County

HENRY COUNTY, VA – United States Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams received face mask holders that were made in Henry County.

A photo of Dr. Adams holding them was sent to Kerri Carter on Friday morning.

Carter, owner of Green Living Market, decided to design her own mask holders after seeing pictures of doctors and nurses using paperclips.

“This brought a huge smile to my face this morning. The one on the left I made specially for him. It has the health and human services logo on it,” Carter said.

Green Living has produced thousands of the much-needed tool for doctors and nurses from across the country.

Learn more about the mask holders here.

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Layna DeSpain
Layna DeSpain
09 thg 5, 2020

I work in health care in Utah how can I get some? please email me

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