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State Police urges motorists to limit travel during upcoming snow storm

With the winter storm approaching our region this weekend, the Virginia State Police would like to remind our citizens to be extremely careful while on the roadways in Southwest Virginia. Although at this time there has been no certain determination on the total amounts of snow that will be received, we know there will be an impact to our roadways. The Virginia State Police would like urge people to limit travel. 

VDOT will be working diligently to clear the roadways, but please be prepared for delays and plan accordingly prior to leaving. If you have to travel, be prepared by keeping food, water, blankets, and phone charger in your vehicle in the event you may be struck in traffic for an extended period of time. Please maintain more than a half of a tank of gas while traveling. Remember, some areas will receive large amounts of snow and may not have business’ open to refuel, so try and fill up before entering these regions.  

Always wear seatbelts, slow down and maintain a safe distance from other vehicles. Please move over if you see other vehicles on the shoulder of the roadways. 

Call #77 for State Police assistance and 911 for any crashes. 

Let us all work together to ensure the safest conditions possible during this winter event.

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