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State Police reminds motorists to drive safely during wintry mix

With the forecast calling for the potential for sleet, icy and flooded road conditions in western and southwest Virginia in the coming hours, the Virginia State Police Salem and Wytheville Divisions are gearing up and increasing patrols to make your drive safer. State police is also reminding motorists to #Drive2SaveLives by driving for conditions:

• Slow Your Speed. Whether the roads are icy or just wet, surfaces are still slick and can cause a driver going too fast for conditions to lose control. 

• Stay Alert. Avoiding distractions - phone, radio, food, etc. - and focusing strictly on your role as a driver and on the other vehicles around you significantly increase your chances of avoiding a crash. Multi-tasking while driving puts yourself and others at risk. Also be alert to changing road conditions and share the road responsibly with all types of vehicles.

• Buckle Up. Drivers and passengers should always buckle up for safety. If you lose control on a slick roadway and spin out, the seat belt holds you in place and will likely save your life.

• 511 for Road Conditions. Needing to know if it's safe to travel? Then call 511 or visit or download the 511 App. Only call 911 if it's an emergency and not for road conditions. 

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