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Sports complex joins Henry County Parks & Recreation

AXTON, VA – The Henry County Board of Supervisors and Southern Virginia Recreation Facilities Authority announced that the Smith River Sports Complex is joining the Henry County Parks & Recreation Department.

The sports complex has transferred all of its assets and operations over to parks & recreation to continue operations effective immediately.

The complex says the move will allow it to continue to operate as normal with current staff in place for events, games and recreation leagues, while also seeing the benefit of additional staffing and financial assistance.

“The SRSC has become well known for its quality facilities and operations, attracting thousands of people to this area each year, along with generating significant revenue for the community through taxes on hotels, food and products," Scott Prillaman, Chairman of SVRFA Board of Directors, said. "I am extremely proud of the great work the staff has done in keeping the operation running smoothly. However, the current model of funding for SRSC is not sustainable. It is our belief that the continued operation of a premier facility can best be accomplished by Henry County.”

The sports facility hosts high school, college and community events from January to December.

In 2022, it hosted an event in all but two weekends of the year and over 300 days of the year, while bringing visitors to Martinsville from 25 different states and nine different countries, according to officials.

“…This change will allow greater efficiencies and improved maintenance to the facility,” Lloyd Barber, Executive Director of the sports complex, stated. "This will be a mutually beneficial arrangement for both parties and provide even more opportunities to the residents of Martinsville-Henry County. We're excited to see the growth for years to come."

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