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Sheriff's Office warns of Social Security impersonation scheme

ROCKINGHAM COUNTY, NC – The Rockingham County Sheriff's Office is warning citizens of a Social Security impersonation scheme.

The sheriff's office says they have received a number of reports from residents of the scam phone calls over the past few days.

Authorities say, in one version, the caller claims they are federal officers, such as DEA or Marshals, and that the intended target's social security number has been associated with a rental car seized that was full of drugs and weapons.

The scammers go on to say the intended target's bank accounts are being frozen and warrants are being issued for their arrest, unless they go purchase $500 worth of gift cards and call them back with the card numbers.

"This is all fake! The callers are not federal agents, but are actually calling from overseas, though the numbers are made to look local on caller IDs. Do not give these people any information. Tell them you know it is a scam and hang up," the sheriff's office said.

In another version, scam callers tell potential targets their social security number has been compromised and suspended.

The scam caller will ask the potential target to verify their personal information, which the scammer does not have.

"Social Security numbers cannot be suspended. Help us spread the word to your friends and loved ones so that no one else falls victim to these unscrupulous scammers," the sheriff's office added.

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