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Sheriff’s Office warns of missed jury duty scam calls in Henry County

HENRY COUNTY – The Henry County Sheriff’s Office would like to make the citizens of Martinsville and Henry County aware of a new type of scam that has been occurring in our area recently.  

Citizens are being notified that they have missed jury duty and law enforcement is enroute to arrest them.  

They can avoid being arrested if they pay a fine.

The address and telephone number of the Henry County Sheriff’s Office is being used.  

They are told not to come to the Sheriff’s Office to pay the fine due to the bottom floor of the building being flooded.  

The scammers will direct citizens to pay through other means such as gift cards, Green Dot MoneyPak cards, etc.  

The Henry County Sheriff’s Office does not collect fines for the courts.  

This is only accomplished through the court system itself.

​The Henry County Sheriff’s Office urges citizens to be leery of this and other types of calls in an effort to not be victimized.  

If you receive a call and are unsure as to its legitimacy, please contact our office or any other law enforcement agency for advice.  

Numerous citizens have contacted the Henry County Sheriff’s Office to make us aware of this and other types of scams even when they are not victimized.  

This is appreciated and keeps us apprised of the new or continuing tactics being used by scammers.  

Banking institutions and government agencies, such as the judicial system and law enforcement, will not contact individuals by telephone in regards to arrests, fines, etc.  

This is accomplished through mailings or personal contact.  

Receiving a call from these organizations is a sign of a possible scam.

Anyone who has been victimized by a scam or has information on suspected scammers is asked to contact the Henry County Sheriff’s Office at 276-638-8751 or Crimestoppers at 63-CRIME (632-7463). The Crimestoppers Program offers rewards up to $2500.00 for information related to crime. The nature of the crime and the substance of the information determine the amount of reward paid.

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