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Seniors prepare for real world with interviews by school district administrators

MARTINSVILLE, VA – Seniors in Lynne Deckel’s English class at Martinsville High School participated in mock interviews recently to prepare them for real world interviews for college or employment.

The interviews were panel-style, with each student being interviewed by three people.

The panel of interviewers included Martinsville City Public Schools Superintendent Zeb Talley, Executive Director of Special Education and Student Services Paulette Simington, Director of Human Resources Sarah Byrd, and the high school’s Library Media Specialist Nicole Held.

Students were asked a series of questions, and the panel recorded their answers.

After each interview, the panel worked together to complete a rubric to assess how well each student performed.

In addition to the rubric, students were given individualized and personalized feedback.

“We are very blessed that we have school and central office staff who are dedicated to our young people and willing to donate their time to do these interviews,” said the school’s Assistant Principal Teresa Donley. “Without them we would not have been able to offer this valuable opportunity to our students”

During the English class, students worked on resumes, college admission and scholarship essays, and individual portfolios.

“This is a very worthwhile project, and it prepares our students to interact with adults in the workforce,” said Donley. “Our students exceeded my expectations with their professionalism and preparedness for these interviews. The people that served on the panels were also impressed and said that they would hire many of the students they interviewed.

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