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Scam targeting food stamp users hits Henry County

HENRY COUNTY, VA – A new EBT Food Stamp scam has hit our area.

According to the Henry County Sheriff’s department, scammers will reach out to victims via text messages and say that their food stamp card has been locked.

To unlock the card, the scammers say victims must call a phone number provided by them.

Victims are prompted by a recording when they call that asks the victims to enter their card number and pin to unlock the card.

When the scammers have the information, the recording says the card has been reactivated.

The sheriff’s department says the scammers use the information to fraudulently obtain funds from the victims’ card.

“Citizens should always be hesitant to provide personal information over the telephone and through text messages. The Henry County Sheriff’s Office tries to keep the public informed on what types of scams are taking place and reminds citizens most scams originate from outside the United States,” the sheriff's department wrote in a press release.

Authorities say that if you question a phone call or text message, you should call law enforcement before doing what they ask you to do.

You should call the Henry County Sheriff’s department at 276-638-8751 or Crimestoppers at 376-632-7463 with information on this scam.

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