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Rockingham County Sheriff's Office welcomes new K9

WENTWORTH, NC – Sheriff Sam Page would like you to join the Rockingham County Sheriff's Office in welcoming their newest member K9 "Buttercup."

Buttercup is a one-year-old female Bloodhound, specially trained in scent detection. Bloodhounds are famed for their ability to discern human scent over great distances, even days later. Its extraordinarily keen sense of smell is combined with a strong and tenacious tracking instinct, producing the ideal scent hound, and it is used by police and law enforcement all over the world to aid in tracking wanted persons, missing people, lost children, etc.

Buttercup's handler is Deputy Tyler Wiseman. Deputy Wiseman and Buttercup have been training together for the past several weeks and are eager to start their new assignment together.

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