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PVT Exxon offering medical workers, first responders gas at 69 cents a gallon

COLLINSVILLE, VA – Yes, you read the title right.

PVT Exxon in Collinsville is offering medical workers and first responders 50 percent off of gas.

The regular price of gas at PVT Exxon is currently $1.38, so they are selling it to those who present a badge for 69 cents a gallon.

The plan is to offer this until sponsorship money runs out.

Those sponsoring this partnership include:

  • B99.9

  • Economy Exterminators

  • Hutchens Rentz-Eden Oil

  • PVT Express Exxon

  • PVT, Inc. Auto Sales

  • Angler's Choice

  • Mize Automotive

  • Livy's ice cream shop

  • Daniel's Auto Glass

  • Papa's Pizza

  • Subway of MHC

  • Burker's Auto Salvage

The gas station is located 3021 Virginia Avenue.

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