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PHCC receives donation from Bobby Scruggs Charitable Foundation

MARTINSVILLE – For 38 years, Bobby Scruggs was a familiar face in NASCAR. As a NASCAR official, he was often seen in the flag stand, in the pits, and all the around the track. Even though Scruggs lost his battle with cancer in 2005, his legacy remains strong. For the past thirteen years, the Bobby Scruggs Charitable Foundation has been changing the lives of dozens of college students.

On Tuesday, Scruggs’ wife, Dr. Jackie Scruggs Taylor, presented a check to the Patrick Henry Community College on behalf of the Bobby Scruggs Charitable Foundation in order to continue that life-changing work. The donation of $1,000 will go toward establishing a memorial scholarship in Bobby Scruggs’ honor. The Scruggs Foundation plans to raise more funds and make additional donations in the future. The aim, they say, is to endow the scholarship which will require $25,000. By endowing the scholarship, the Scruggs Foundation would ensure that students can continue to benefit from the scholarship for years and years.

Proprietors of the Scruggs Foundation estimate that over the past thirteen years, the Foundation has awarded more than 20 scholarships to Martinsville City, Henry County, and Patrick County students. The Foundation is continuing that work by establishing the Bobby Scruggs Memorial Scholarship at PHCC. This new scholarship will cover $1,000 of tuition expenses for one student in PHCC’s Racing College. If the Scruggs Foundation endows the scholarship, it will be available yearly. 

“We’re delighted to receive this donation from the Scruggs Foundation. For many of our students, higher education would not be possible without scholarships,” says Tiffani Underwood, the Executive Director of PHCC’s Foundation Board. “We are extremely grateful to the Scruggs family and, of course, we look forward to receiving any further donations from those who choose to give. It would be thrilling to see this scholarship endowed so that untold numbers of students could continue to benefit from the Scruggs’ generosity for years to come.”

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