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Patrick Henry Elementary School holds fourth annual STEM Family Night

MARTINSVILLE, VA – Patrick Henry Elementary School students showed parents how to operate robots and explained how they work at the fourth annual Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Family Night.

“The reason we started this was to create a fun and engaging family night,” school Principal Cameron Cooper said.

Close to 200 students and their families enjoyed STEM-related activities.

Those activities included steering robots, building with Legos and building blocks, and making homemade ice cream.

Participants also built boats out of aluminum foil to how much weight they could hold before sinking and interacted with a volcano simulation.

“We wanted parents actively involved with multiple activities with their children. One of the most exciting parts of the night is when students show their parents how to operate all the robots in the STEM lab and can explain to them the programming behind it,” Cooper said.

Martinsville High School’s Robotics Team MADAWG 3258 and the elementary school's faculty and staff led these activities.

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