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OfficeMax in Martinsville will close in September

MARTINSVILLE, VA – The OfficeMax located in the Village of Martinsville will close its doors in early September.

Rhonda Alder of Office Depot Inc. confirmed to BTW21 News that the 240 Commonwealth Boulevard W store is set to close.

Alder did not share the reasoning for the closure.

The company did not state how many employees are at the store.

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1 Comment

Phillip Jones
Phillip Jones
Sep 13, 2020

I just had my UPS Die That Protected my C.P.A.P Sleeping Machine was Going to my go To OfficeMax Purchase a UPS There to Replace it, I all ready use one from Office Max to Protect my Computer Equipment. I live in an Assisted Living Facility. Now No long have any access to Anything. Supposedly Office Depot is rather Secretive and Very insulting manners. Oh they consider us just Village Unless Martinsville has Reverted to Town Status, we are a State Certified Incorporated City

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