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McClure appointed to Ridgeway District seat on school board

HENRY COUNTY, VA – On Monday evening, the Henry County School Board appointed Sidney McClure as the interim board member to fill the Ridgeway District seat.

The seat was left vacant after the death of Francis Zehr in July.

McClure, a Magna Vista graduate and public safety trainer, said he will run for the seat in November.

“It is an honor and privilege this board has entrusted me to represent the Ridgeway District. My goal is to provide this community with the best representation to ensure the students are safe and receive the highest form of education possible," he said.

He will serve until the person elected during the special election qualifies and takes the oath of office in November.

“I am pleased to welcome Mr. McClure to the school board and look forward to serving with him this fall as we support our students and staff in making this year one of growth and excellence," said Tom Auker, board chairman.

McClure’s first official meeting will be on Thursday, September 1.

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