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Martinsville students to send Valentine’s Day cards to area nursing facilities

MARTINSVILLE, VA – With Valentine’s Day nearing, some might find themselves asking, “Where is the love?”

Sixth graders and teachers at Martinsville Middle School found the answer through gifting nursing facilities around the area Valentine’s Day cards for each of their patients.

“With times being as hard as they are and the limitations due to COVID, the last thing we want is for our elderly to feel as though they aren’t being thought of or loved,” expressed sixth grade English teacher and AVID Coordinator Morgan Belton.

Sixth grade English teacher Ashley Cassidy found the idea on Facebook and says she knew this was something that needed to be done.

Cassidy recruited her colleagues to accomplish the idea of showing love.

Students were then given the task to create cards.

“Old people make me happy, and I know some do not have anyone and so maybe this will make them happy,” said student Abbigail Campbell.

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