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Martinsville Middle School student wins regional essay contest

MARTINSVILLE, VA – A Martinsville Middle School student won a regional essay contest.

Seventh grader Ava Grant was one of eight regional winners of the annual statewide "If I Were a Mayor" essay contest sponsored by the Virginia Municipal League.

Grant won Region 2 that spanned from Allegheny County to Henry County.

This contest drew in over 1,000 entries from seventh graders across the state.

The challenge for the student was to define the problem, listen to at least three community members, decide if they should use community member ideas, and then put it all together. Grant’s winning essay focused on the importance of caring for the environment and the positive effects a healthy environment can have on mental and physical health.

“I would provide more dazzling parks, trails and meadows,” she stated in her essay. “I would make sure they are protected from building infrastructure. I would switch most of the use of our energy to hydropower instead of coal. If you donate a tree you get tax credits…I would look at the environment and make sure I was doing my best to restore the environment. Climate change has affected our world. The smallest things can make a big difference.”

In addition to a framed certificate, each regional winner received $150.

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