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Martin could request recount after Turner, Bowles win seats on Martinsville City Council

MARTINSVILLE – Danny Turner won the second seat on Martinsville City Council with 32 votes over Joe Martin, Tuesday. In this close race, Turner recieved 1,681 votes while Martin recieced 1,649 votes. Martin announced that he may request a recount.

Jennifer Bowles will keep her seat on city council after receiving a whopping 3,295 votes.

“I can’t express the gratitude I feel this evening! I want to thank God for blessing me with this wonderful opportunity to serve this amazing community for another four years. Thank you to my supporters and all those who voted for me. Without you this wouldn’t be possible! I love the city of Martinsville. I promise to serve at the best of my ability and listen to all citizens. Thank you all so much. Thank you to everyone who didn’t live in the city but still supported me. I appreciate it. I’m truly blessed and I look forward to continuing to serve. God bless the city of Martinsville and all its citizens,” Jennifer Bowles told her supporters Tuesday night.

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