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Man survives after rear-ending 18-wheeler at high speed in Collinsville

COLLINSVILLE, VA – A pickup truck driver survived after rear-ending a tractor trailer at a high speed in Collinsville on Wednesday morning.

Surveillance video at Auto Tech obtained by BTW21 News shows a white Chevy pickup truck traveling south when it rear-ends a stopped 18-wheeler, before catching fire in the 1600 block of Virginia Avenue.

According to Virginia State Police, the driver of the pickup was speeding and not paying attention.

Fieldale-Collinsville Rescue Squad transported the pickup truck driver to Sovah Health in Martinsville.

Fieldale Fire Department volunteers said the man had a left broken leg and cuts and bruises.

Members of volunteer fire department from Collinsville and Fieldale responded to the crash.

State police is investigating the accident.

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