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67-year-old man arrested following stabbing in Martinsville

MARTINSVILLE, VA – A 67-year-old man was arrested following a stabbing in Martinsville on Monday morning.

The Martinsville Police Department was dispatched to 100 Warren Court at 12:08 a.m.

According to the police report obtained by BTW21 News, officer Mark Peters was met in the road by 67-year-old Roy Lee Johnson of 100 Warren Court in Martinsville.

Johnson stated that he had stabbed 23-year-old Daysaun Raquia Manns of that address after a verbal argument.

Manns said he punched Johnson in the face at which time, Johnson removed a knife from his pocket and stabbed him in the neck and chest.

Peters said Manns had wounds at his jawline and his right armpit.

Deputy Chief of Police Robert Fincher said Manns refused medical treatment and did not go to the hospital.

Johnson was arrested for malicious wounding and is being held without bail.


MARTINSVILLE, VA – A man was stabbed Monday morning at 100 Warren Court in Martinsville. 

The call came out at 12:08 a.m. for a 23-year-old man that had allegedly been stabbed in the upper arm and chest.

Officers with the Martinsville Police Department spent no more than 15 minutes at the scene.

The condition of the wounded individual and any other details are known at this time.

Martinsville Fire and EMS also responded.

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