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Magna Vista High School students receive free, name-brand shoes

RIDGEWAY – Tuesday, students at Magna Vista High School were provided with name-brand shoes. This made possible through a partnership between Convoy of Hope, a national nonprofit organization, and Vision Assembly of God Church in Collinsville.

"They were looking for some schools that had the older kids, because the organization that they work with for the shoes had kind of an abundance of the larger shoes and wanted to get some of the high schools," said Delta Mitchell with Vision Assembly of God Church. Mitchell coordinated the donation.

The shoe company asked to remain anonymous.

"It makes me feel very grateful that I’m able to live in a community that cares about its young people and that it wants to help," Magna Vista student Kerrigan Murphy told BTW21.

"Well, we just thought that in this area that for the kids, it would be a good opportunity for everyone. We have almost 1,000 kids in this school to be able to get a new pair of shoes. A nice pair shoes that they could be proud of," Mitchell added.

Only about 10 of the 1,000 students at Magna Vista chose not to receive them.

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