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Lighting up pink: Livy's to donate portion of October proceeds to breast cancer research

COLLINSVILLE – If you drive on Virginia Avenue, you may have noticed that Livy's ice cream shop is lighting up pink.

Livy's will donate a portion of proceeds in October to breast cancer research.

"Livy's is going pink in the month of October to recognize breast cancer awareness month. One in eight women are affected by breast cancer in their lifetime and we want to contribute to the research to find a cure," Owner Rodney Billings said.

Billings says bringing awareness and finding a cure is a passionate and personal topic for him.

"Most of us can think of someone that is in our family or of friends that are either struggling with some type of cancer or are survivors. My father, in particular, is a survivor," Billings added.

The ice cream shop hopes this will cause a ripple effect of other businesses in Martinsville and Henry County to do the same.

"We do feel like we are the first to light up the entire business pink. Although I know some are not lighting up pink, they are contributing to breast cancer research and breast cancer awareness month in many different ways," Billings stated.

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