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Ice cream shop offering Homestead Creamery will open in Collinsville

COLLINSVILLE – "My children not only loved Homestead Creamery ice cream but always asked to try their different flavors of fresh milk. As my children grew older, it just made sense to bring the award winning ice cream and other Homestead Creamery products to our hometown," Rodney Billings said.

Billings is the owner of Livy's ice cream shop which will open in spring of 2019. Livy's is named after his daughter Olivia Billing's nickname and is projected to open April 1 in Collinsville.

"At Livy's, we'll offer southern hospitality, Homestead old-fashioned hand dipped ice cream, milk, sundaes, and ice cream cookies. We feel strongly about keeping the experience affordable while offering the quality Homestead Creamery products we’ve all grown to love,” Billings added.

The ice cream shop is now accepting applications. They are looking for friendly individuals who enjoy meeting and serving the public. Night and weekend shifts will be available starting in April. To submit your application for review visit

The owner's goal is to make Livy's more than just ice cream, to make it an experience. "The old country store concept takes you back to a time when everything was simple and relaxed."

"You'll be able to take a break, pull up a rocking chair, and step back in time to the 1900's where families enjoyed the simple life and hand dipped ice cream," Rodney Billings stated.

A complete list of products which will be offered at Livy's is available on their website.

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