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Henry County Schools distributes extra meals this summer thanks to grant

HENRY COUNTY, VA – This summer, Henry County Public Schools is helping feed local families with boxes of groceries thanks to a grant from the Eastman Foundation.

We recently received a check for $10,000 and we've worked closely with Food Lion in Stanleytown and Stan Jarrett, the manager there, to create a grocery list so that we could put together boxes of food for our families for the summer,” said Monica Hatchett, Director of Communications and Organizational Learning.

The school district received the grant to distribute boxes of groceries in addition to the federally funded summer meals program.

We want to make sure that between those breakfasts and lunches that our families, who are in need, have additional meals that they can prepare as a family and that the students have snacks and other items that they can have on their own,” Hatchett explained.

Bread, fruits, snacks, juice, nonperishable items as well as meal components can be found inside the boxes.

Those interested in participating in the summer feeding program, should contact the county school nearest to them for information.

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