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Franklin County Sheriff’s Office beefs up their patrol

FRANKLIN COUNTY – Recently, The Franklin County Sheriff's Office held drug interdiction events throughout various areas of the county.

Drug Interdiction-05/10/18-2p-3a

Total Traffic Stops-35

Areas Patrolled-Virgil Goode Hwy, Sago Rd., Snow Creek Rd., Hatchett Rd., Sontag Rd., Colonial Tpk., Rt. 122, Rt. 40 E, Goose Dam Rd., Ashpone Tavern Rd., Willow Creek Rd., Tripple Creek Rd., Doe Run Rd., English Rd., Danville Tpk., Pleasant Hill Rd, Town

Race/Gender-Includes All Occupants of Vehicle Stops-Includes Road Check

Black Males-6

White Males-26

Hispanic Males-1

Black Females-4

White Females-22

Hispanic Females-0

Traffic Summonses/Criminal Charges


Drug Charges-18

Misdemeanor Arrests-27

Felony Arrests-10

Vehicle Searches-16

Misdemeanor Arrest Charges



Misdemeanor Warrant Service

Possess Marijuana

Drive Suspended


Open Container

False ID to LE

Possess Paraphernalia

Felony Arrest Charges

Possess Cocaine


Possess Meth

Possess Heroin

Distribute Cocaine-

Felony Outstanding Warrant Service

PWID Marijuana

K9 Utilizations-6- 3 Finds

Search Warrants to be obtained-1

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