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Fieldale-Collinsville Rescue Squad will staff an ambulance on weekdays

HENRY COUNTY – Starting this week, the Fieldale-Collinsville Volunteer Rescue Squad will staff an ambulance with part-time emergency medical services providers.

"Fieldale-Collinsville has always led the way with profound ideas for all EMS agencies in Henry County. We look forward to this new journey and the challenges it may bring. We will continually improve - keeping where we came from to guide the way, but with an outlook on the future," the rescue squad posted on Facebook.

The ambulance will be staffed weekdays from 6 AM to 6 PM to supplement and work alongside current and future volunteers.

"The building may look a little different, the trucks may continually improve, and the people may change. However, one thing will always remain the same - we are dedicated to serving and providing the best possible pre-hospital care," the rescue squad added.

Fieldale-Collinsville Rescue Squad says they have hired the first round of employees.

The application will open in several weeks to fill vacant positions.

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