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Dying Martinsville man granted wish to marry his girlfriend at hospital

DURHAM, NC – A man’s dying wish has been fulfilled — he married his girlfriend on Friday at Duke University Hospital.

Jeffrey Benesch and Sarah Myler, who are from Martinsville, have spent the past nine years together and knew they wanted to get married.

Jeffrey's heart disease and ongoing hospitalization kept the couple from having the wedding they hoped for, but even as he receives end-of-life care, they fulfilled their dream in a touching ceremony in the beautiful sunshine outside of the Duke Medicine Pavilion.

“Just because we love each other,” Sarah said.

Jeffrey was not eligible for a transplant or other interventions, but Sarah says she will always carry his spirit and their love for each other in her heart.

Their friends and family, as well as Jeffrey’s care team, hospital chaplains and musicians, helped to put the ceremony together.

“We are inspired by the couple's bravery and commitment, and we are humbled to be part of this beautiful event,” the hospital wrote on Facebook.

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