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Carlisle School students evacuated, treated for Freon exposure

AXTON – At approximately 11:23 AM Friday, Carlisle School’s Upper School students and staff were evacuated to a safe area on campus due to an unusual odor and smoke in two Upper School classrooms.

Public Safety personnel were notified and came to assess the situation.

Those who were exposed to the odor were attended to immediately by medical personnel. 

The issue was confined to one room, and it was identified that a malfunction with the compressor in the air conditioning unit resulted in overheating and a Freon leak.  

Once the problem was identified and contained, the school was closed to allow technicians to work on the system.

Technicians have removed the unit, and a new one is being installed.

The school will reopen as planned on Tuesday, following the holiday weekend.  

“Our top priority is always the safety and well-being of our students and staff. We want to thank our Public Safety and Fire Officials who responded so quickly,” Gracie Agnew, Head of School said.

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