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Bible Gift Shop in Martinsville closes at the end of March

MARTINSVILLE, VA – Bible Gift Shop located on West Commonwealth Boulevard in Martinsville will close at the end of March.

“Health reasons, retirement for my husband and I, and the opportunity to travel and see our grandchildren. We felt that God was saying the time is now,” owner Debbie Cumberland told BTW21 News.

Debbie and her husband, Tim Cumberland, become the owners in 2010.

“It's more of a ministry then a business and that is what people don't understand when they come looking to purchase a business. They want it to be a big money maker and it's really not,” Cumberland said.

An inventory blowout sale is underway at the gift shop with some items up to 60 percent off.

“There are some big discounts and very good deals for people. It would be worth their time to come in and visit us and see what they can get,” Cumberland stated.

Cumberland said the lease runs out the 31st of March, so the 28th will be the last day they will be open for business.

“We have asked God and told Him that if He opens the door for somebody to purchase it and keep it open between now and then, we are open to that, but it has not happened to this point,” she added.

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