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Bassett High School team lures in Bassmaster state championship

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

BASSETT – Six Henry County students won this year's Joseph Thomson Memorial 6-Man Virginia Bassmaster State Championship.

"I felt honored almost, because we beat the other schools and it was very unexpected, no clue we had any chance of doing it," Skyla Penn said.

The Joseph Thomson Memorial Tournament was created to raise scholarship money in memory of Joseph Thomson, a college student who was killed in a vehicle accident in 2006.

Four $500 scholarships are awarded annual.

What was the key to the team's success?

"Probably the most strategy to me is mental like keeping focus, doing this, doing that, making sure nothing else goes wrong and to look out for other stuff," Camden Byrd answered.

"We were using electric blue brush hogs it's like a purple and blue flake brush hog and we were using lizards as well. That's what were caught most of them on, " Hunter Whitlock stated.

"Keep track of everything and do your best," Tate Jones said.

The team says practice and and research are essential.

"You really have to practice. You have to know your times of the year and what baits to use," Clayton Edwards added.

"Practice a lot and know what they are biting the time of the year you fish and what lake you are on," Fisher Whitlock said.

"I'll like to, again, thank the community for the support we've had. A lot of donations made and helping us get funds. It's pretty expensive and we couldn't do it without certain people in the community," bass advisor Mark Jones added.

LEFT TO RIGHT: Hunter Whitlock, Clayton Edwards, Skyla Penn, Camden Byrd, Fisher Whitlock and Tate Jones

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