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Another Patrick County resident dies after testing positive for COVID-19

Another Patrick County resident has died after testing positive for COVID-19, the West Piedmont Health District's Population Health Manager Nancy Bell confirmed.

There were also 50 new positive tests of the coronavirus reported in Franklin County on Thursday morning.

There is no information as to what this big spike is related to.

I called this morning, our contact tracers, but since we have multiple now, it is hard for me to get the big picture. So, I'm still waiting on a response to that, Bell said.

Henry County's total is at 422 cases with 42 hospitalizations and five deaths.

In Franklin County, there are 182 cases with eight hospitalizations and one death.

Martinsville has a total of 147 cases, including 21 hospitalizations and one death.

Patrick County has 67 cases with 14 hospitalizations and three deaths.

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