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Another patient discharged from Martinsville hospital after COVID-19 recovery

MARTINSVILLE, VA – Another patient was discharged on Thursday from Sovah Health in Martinsville after his COVID-19 recovery.

After spending two weeks in the hospital, the patient was escorted to his wife on the day of their 43rd marriage anniversary.

I just want to tell everybody how grateful I am and everybody's been amazing. The nurses and the care was off the charts. To be away from your family for two weeks and to have to deal with this, y'all made it the best it could possibly be and I'm so grateful, the man said as he teared up.

The hospital did not release his name.

Our discharge celebrations bring tremendous joy to all our caregivers. It is why we are here – to care for our patients and cheer them on while they overcome illness,” the hospital said.

Sovah Health recommend that the community continue to be diligent by wearing masks in public, washing their hands frequently, and practicing social distancing.

Thank you for what y'all do and thank you for saving my life, he said before being wheeled out.

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