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Another K9 donated to the Franklin County Sheriff's Office this month

FRANKLIN COUNTY – A very interesting story has ended in FCSO receiving a great donation. Sgt. Robbie Haynes sent us this story on how we were donated a K9.

Haynes said, "I applied for a K9 grant with K9’s United located In Jacksonville, Florida and it’s Founder, Debbie Johnson. Mrs. Johnson immediately began working with her contacts on finding our office a candidate for narcotics dog as soon as the application was received. Johnson teamed up with Erich Grasso who is the owner, of Grasso Dog Training and Shepherds in Shelton Connecticut. Mr. Grasso has donated 15 month old German Shepherd “Sasha” to our Office. Sasha, comes from a strong line of working dogs-her father a patrol dog with the NYPD and her sister a bomb detection dog with the National Basketball Association. We just learned which of our deputies will be the handler for Sasha and we are thrilled. They will be great together."

Deputy Edwin Alejandro has been named as the handler for Sasha.

The Office of the Sheriff thanks everyone involved in helping us receive this beautiful animal.

Picture 1: Deputy Alejandro and Sasha Picture 2: Sasha meets new family

Picture 3: Deputy Crawford, Erich Grasso and Sgt. Haynes who met Grasso and received Sasha

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