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All but one Henry County School met or exceeded SOL pass rate in all areas

HENRY COUNTY – The pass rates, based on this year's Standards of Learning test results, were released by the Virginia Department of Education Tuesday.

"Henry County Public Schools staff worked collaboratively during the 2018-2019 school year to further strengthen student growth and achievement by assessing students for learning, planning for effective small group instruction, utilizing Understanding by Design (UbD) lesson design based on data, and implementing balanced literacy and writing models," the press release said.

“Our administrators and curriculum team members conduct regular walk-throughs and provide meaningful, honest feedback, which is enhancing teaching and learning at all levels. Collaborative team planning is also proving to support student achievement in a myriad of ways,” said Lisa Millner, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning.

While ninety-three percent or 12 of 13 Henry County Public Schools met or exceeded the state pass rate in every subject area, division leaders are focused on increasing student mastery in the area of English.

“As part of our work to improve the literacy achievement of all students, we are continuing to use a balanced literacy model and expand authentic reading and writing across the curriculum using the Lucy Calkins writing program in our elementary and middle schools,” said Millner.

In an effort to continually increase student achievement, HCPS will continue with several strategies that are yielding positive instructional results.

In the 2019-2020 school year, all schools are implementing relevant and rich curriculum using HCPS resources, disaggregating assessment data and designing an instructional response, incorporating the 5Cs and the HCPS balanced assessment model (including cornerstone tasks), and continuing to develop a productive and positive culture that supports the concept of growth mindset.

“While SOL tests are only a small part of the annual demonstration of student growth and success, we are certainly proud of the achievements of our students in this area and credit their success to our teachers’ work through data conferencing as a result of the research-based instructional support and professional development provided by our curriculum team in all content areas,” said Superintendent Sandy Strayer.

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