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21 people arrested for drug-related indictments in Martinsville

MARTINSVILLE, VA – A Martinsville Grand Jury met and handed down 123 indictments on 27 people for crimes related to illegal drugs on Monday, July 26.

Those indictments were sealed by the Martinsville Circuit Court until the individuals could be arrested.

On Thursday, July 29, members of the Martinsville Police Department, the Martinsville Sheriff’s Office, the Henry County Sheriff’s Office, the Virginia State Police, and the United States Marshal’s Service assisted by the Martinsville Henry County 911 Center set out to make the arrest on the narcotic’s warrants.

84 of those indictments on 21 people have been served.

The indictments on the remaining individuals remained sealed.

The Martinsville Police Department said these indictments were a result of their continuing effort to fight the distribution of illegal drugs and the harm they do.

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