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18 coronavirus cases identified in West Piedmont Health District

The West Piedmont Health District reported that 18 cases of COVID-19 were identified on Tuesday.

Along with the update, the district's Population Health Manager, Nancy Bell, announced she will no longer be reporting cases via email daily.

This means that only the number, not the gender or age, of those who test positive for the coronavirus will be reported.

We are eliminating this step due to workload increases,” Bell said.

There were 10 cases identified Tuesday in Henry County; six males and four females ranging from ages of 5 to 90.

Martinsville added seven cases; four females and three males from ages of 20s to 80s

A Franklin County woman in her 20s was also reported.

Henry County's total is now at 315 cases with 25 hospitalizations and five deaths.

In Franklin County, there are 104 cases with seven hospitalizations and one death.

Martinsville has a total of 101 cases, including 13 hospitalizations and one death.

Patrick County has 48 cases with four hospitalizations and two deaths.

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