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10 to fill administrative positions at Henry County Public Schools

LEFT TO RIGHT, TOP ROW: Charles Beasley,Jalyn Daniels-Boyd, Garrett Dillard, Joshua Eanes, John Gibbs BOTTOM ROW: Jay Gilbert, Laryssa Hairston-Penn, D. Marcelle Millner, Marcie Seay, Matthew Woods

HENRY COUNTY – Thursday, the School Board of Henry County approved the Superintendent’s recommendation to fill ten administrative positions for the 2019-2020 school year.

Charles Beasley will be Supervisor of Transportation and Fleet Maintenance. Beasley currently serves as Supervisor of Fleet Maintenance, a position he has held for the past fifteen years.

“I look forward to continuing the work of safely transporting our students each day and working with our staff to ensure that continued improvements occur in the Transportation Department.”

Jalyn Daniels-Boyd will be assistant principal at GW Carver Elementary. She currently serves as the interim principal at Axton Elementary. Previously, Daniels-Boyd served students as an assistant principal, RTI/504 coordinator, consultative support specialist, principal, and special education teacher.

“I am honored to join the GW Carver staff and look forward to working closely with families as we strive to support students in achieving their learning goals.”

Garrett Dillard will be Director of Community Learning. Dillard currently serves students at Laurel Park as an assistant principal.

“As a lifelong educator, I am excited to have the opportunity to assist students and adults as they work toward their educational goals. I am looking forward to being a liaison between Henry County Public Schools and the community as we continue to promote educational excellence and equity of voice in school/community relations.”

Joshua Eanes will be an assistant principal at Axton and Drewry Mason Elementary Schools. In addition to his current role as assistant principal at Fieldale-Collinsville Middle School, Eanes has served students as a teacher, adjunct professor and coach.

“I am honored to have the opportunity to serve the students and families of Axton and Drewry Mason. I know that our collaborative support of the learning goals of each student will ensure their lifelong success.”

John Gibbs will be high school student activities coordinator at Magna Vista High School. Gibbs has served students as a teacher, administrator, and coach.

“I am excited about my new position as the Student Activities Coordinator. I look forward to more opportunities to connect with staff, students, and families in the Warrior community. It's an honor to be part of the Magna Vista athletic tradition.”

Jay Gilbert will be high school student activities coordinator at Bassett High School. He currently serves students as a mathematics instructor at BHS and previously led student athletes as a football coach.

“I am excited for this great opportunity to work with coaches and sponsors of student activities for the betterment of every student's educational experience at Bassett High School.”

Laryssa Hairston-Penn will be principal at Stanleytown Elementary School. She currently serves as principal at Fieldale-Collinsville Middle School and has served students as a principal, assistant principal and classroom teacher.

“I look forward to returning to Stanleytown to continue the important work of preparing our students for academic success by helping families to build a strong educational foundation for their students while they are in the elementary grades. Providing a great start for students is critical to their future success.”

D. Marcelle Millner will be assistant principal at Laurel Park Middle School. Millner currently serves as assistant principal at GW Carver Elementary.

“While I will certainly miss my GW Carver family, I am very thankful for the opportunity to go to Laurel Park Middle with many of the fifth graders I have come to know.  The chance to work with another great staff and student body is very exciting and I look forward to being a Lancer.”

Marcie Seay will be principal at Axton Elementary. Seay is currently principal at Stanelytown Elementary School and has served HCPS students as a principal, administrative intern, coordinator of SLD teachers, and classroom teacher.

“I look forward to being part of the rich tradition of community at Axton as we all work together to encourage our students to excel in everything that they do.”

Matthew Woods will be principal of Fieldale-Collinsville Middle School. Prior to serving students in Georgia and in Roanoke City Public Schools as a professor and administrator, Woods served the students of Bassett High School as a teacher.

“I am honored and humbled to be named to the team at Fieldale-Collinsville Middle School. I am excited to return to Henry County and work alongside the Cavalier family as we strive to help all students learn and grow.”

The appointments were approved by the School Board after reconvening from closed session.

“I am excited to have these team members serve in their new roles as our staff continues to work diligently each day to do what is best for students. The skills that each brings to his/her new position is certain to inspire our learners to achieve more than they ever thought possible,” said Superintendent Sandy Strayer.

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