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10 Monogram Snacks employees test positive for COVID-19

PHOTO: Monogram Food Solutions LLC

MARTINSVILLE, VA – 10 employees of Monogram Snacks in Martinsville tested positive for COVID-19. Here's the full press release from the company:

"Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, Monogram Foods has focused on two critical priorities: to protect the safety and health of our team members and serve our country in this time of need with a dependable and reliable source of food. On Friday, May 29, 2020, Monogram Foods provided free COVID-19 testing to all of our employees. Testing was completed on site for nearly 700 people. Following testing, Monogram voluntarily shut down the facility so team members could wait for test results at home. During this time a deep sanitization of the plant was performed in accordance with USDA and OSHA guidelines as well as company protocols. This process took approximately 24 hours to complete and included all areas of the facility including break rooms and common areas. In addition to this process, more social distancing dividers were added on two lines. Test results were received on May 31st and June 1st. There were 10 positive test results from all employees who were tested. Those team members who tested positive and those who were in close contact with them were notified so they could take appropriate steps to self-quarantine at home. All 10 team members are under medical care and are doing well. All appropriate local health departments have been notified as well and we will continue to update them as more pending tests are returned. Monogram has always had best of class practices in place in its plants related to food safety and people safety. With the emergence of COVID-19, Monogram has enacted a long list of additional measures in our operations all designed to protect the health and safety of our team members from this virus. These include providing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), face masks and face shields; social distancing at work and during breaks where possible; temperature checks; department separation practices to minimize cross-department exposure; remote work; and more. The safety of our team and feeding America are our two priorities. We are enacting measures every day to ensure our environment is a safe place to come to work while continuing to provide stability and support to people across the nation relying on us to stock grocery shelves so they can feed their families amid this crisis. We are very thankful for our team members who are heroes just like health workers and first responders."

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