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Woman arrested for assaulting two deputies after trying to enter courtroom

PATRICK COUNTY, VA – A Stuart woman was arrested Thursday for two counts of feloniously assaulting a law enforcement officer and obstruction of justice.

Amanda Christine Vessell, 38, of 3952 Wayside Road, was taken into custody shortly after 12 p.m. after a violent confrontation with multiple sheriff’s deputies, according to Sheriff Dan Smith.

The incident occurred when Vessell entered the security area of the Patrick County Circuit Courthouse.

She bypassed the metal detector and told a sheriff’s deputy that she was going to see the judge.

When the sheriff’s deputy told her she couldn’t do that, she continued to try to get into the courtroom, and the sheriff’s deputy physically tried to stop her.

The sheriff said Vessell began to fight the deputy, allegedly striking him multiple times.

The deputy took Vessell to the floor and kept her pinned down until other deputies arrived minutes later to assist.

Authorities said Vessell repeatedly elbowed and struck the deputy while he had her on the floor, and she had to be tased when assisting deputies responded.

“The struggle was so intense that Deputy Petty could not take his hands off of Vessell to use his radio, I am grateful that the employees at the clerk’s office were able to call for help,” Sheriff Smith said.

Vessell continued to fight with the responding deputies and assaulted another deputy during the arrest process, according to the sheriff.

The sheriff stated that Vessell’s behavior was not only violent, but bizarre, with one witness describing her as “wild.”

Vessell continued her violent behavior at the jail.

She is being held without bond in the Patrick County Jail.

The first assaulted sheriff’s deputy and Vessell received medical assistance, with each sustaining minor injuries.

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