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Virginia's tax-free weekend starts Friday: Here's what you can save on

It's here! Virginia's annual three-day sales tax holiday kicks off on Friday.

All weekend you can buy certain products without paying any sales tax.

This includes in-store purchases as well as online shopping.

Depending on where you purchase these items in Virginia, you can save between 5.3 and 7% off the cost.

The Virginia sales tax holiday helps you out with three types of purchases: school supplies, hurricane or emergency preparedness items and certain products bearing the Energy Star or WaterSense labels.

School supplies that qualify for the sales tax holiday include notebooks, backpacks, pens, pencils, as well as clothing items and footwear.

Hurricane or emergency preparedness items include some larger purchase such as generators and gas-powered chainsaws, as well as many small items to help you complete your emergency preparedness kit.

The sales tax holiday also applies to products that bear the Energy Star or WaterSense labels and are purchased for non-commercial use.

These include items like refrigerators, light bulbs and ceiling fans, along with faucets, shower heads, and landscape irrigation controllers.

Some items are exempt only if they don't exceed certain price limitations.

You can see a full list of qualified items here.

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