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Trey Carter to play NCAA Division I baseball for Florida State University

AXTON – On Wednesday, Trey Carter signed a letter of intent to play NCAA Division I baseball for Florida State University.

This First Team All-Conference athlete is currently taking AP Biology and plans to obtain a degree in sports medicine from FSU so that he may become a physical therapist.

Carter, who transferred to Carlisle from a public school, said that being at Carlisle has been a positive experience for him, “everybody joins together, and it’s a tight family; we have a bond that can’t break.”

“Carlisle has gone far and beyond to help Trey get prepared for this day, helping to ensure that his paperwork was complete, and his grades are where they need to be so that he is ready for the next step,” his father, Terry Carter said.

In addition to playing baseball, Carter has also participated in the Perfect Game PG Jr. and PG Nationals each year since eighth grade, which is an invite-only program. 

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