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Terry Crews surprises Bassett student with $20,000 scholarship

HENRY COUNTY, VA – Actor, athlete, comedian and activist, Terry Crews awarded his $20,000 "Creative Courage" Scholarship to Tahliyah Hodge from Bassett.

Hodge was selected out of thousands of applicants and she will use the scholarship for her education in performing arts.

Crews created the scholarship on in July 2021 to encourage and support amazing creatives, like Tahliyah, to pursue their dreams.

“An art scholarship helped me afford college; it changed my life. The Terry Crews “Creative Courage” Scholarship is my way of paying it forward, and I am so proud to award Tahliyah Hodge my $20,000 scholarship to help her pay for school. I’ve loved working with to change the life of another artist chasing their dreams,” he said.

He personally shared the exciting news with Hodge by surprising her on a Zoom call on Tuesday.

On the call, Crews thanked Hodge for applying and encouraged her to keep pursuing performing arts.

“The Terry Crews Creative Courage Scholarship will help me pursue my dreams. I’ve always wanted to pursue performing arts, and now that I’ve been granted an opportunity like this one, I can! I really just want to be successful in what I love,” Hodge stated.

Before becoming one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, Terry Crews was a kid in Flint, Michigan with a passion for art.

He worked tirelessly to hone his skills in order to afford college.

His hard work paid off when he won both an art scholarship and a football scholarship, which eventually launched his pro football career in the NFL.

Both scholarships were the first steps to Terry’s success.

Through his scholarship, continues the cycle of encouraging students who were just like him.

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