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Tallest man in US shares anti-bullying message at Martinsville schools

MARTINSVILLE, VA – "The Tallest Man in America" George Bell was a guest speaker at Albert Harris Elementary School on Tuesday morning as a part of his "Stand Tall Against Bullying" Campaign.

Bell, who is 7 feet, 8 inches tall, is a former member of the Harlem Globetrotters and Harlem Wizards.

“The biggest feedback is the fact that the kids were able to absorb what I was saying,” Bell said. “They listened. They behaved very mannerly. I kind of felt like I was getting the message across”

During his visit, he encouraged students to stand up to bullies and speak up when they witness bullying.

“We discussed the power points about bullying. The reason why. What to do about bullying. The fact that there are different types of bullying. There’s physical, verbal, social, prejudice, sexual, and so forth. The main point is just to get the kids to understand there is something to do as far as how to stop this problem as a victim or as a witness,” he added.

Bell said he decided to start his anti-bullying campaign after he heard cyberbullying caused a Hampton student to take her life.

“The program came up between a friend of my mine and I brainstorming because at the time, like I said, I was disturbed by this person that took her life behind bullying. I wanted to do something so I got with a friend of mine and she and I helped design the idea and everything,” Bell explained.

Bell also spoke at Patrick Henry Elementary School.

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