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Sheriff’s office will not pursue criminal charges after investigation at Livy's

HENRY COUNTY, VA – No criminal charges will be pursued by the Henry County Sheriff’s Office after an investigation at Livy's ice cream shop in Collinsville.

Here is the official press release from the sheriff's office:

On June 8, 2021, the Henry County Sheriff’s Office received information from a third party through social media about inappropriate behavior involving the owner of Livy’s restaurant, located at 2824 Virginia Ave.

Although not contacted by an actual victim, the Sheriff’s Office immediately began an investigation.

Investigators attempted to reach all 56 individuals, who are either current or former employees of Livy’s.

Investigators were able to speak to 42 of the 56 individuals; 14 have not returned calls or communicated with the Sheriff’s Office.

Of the 42 individuals contacted by investigators, each were interviewed either by phone or in person.

While the discovery of any criminal conduct will be addressed, there were three focuses to this criminal investigation based on the report.

First, was there any solicitation of inappropriate behavior between a minor and an adult.

Next, was there any inappropriate touching of a minor or an adult, commonly referred to as sexual assault.

And finally, was there any unwanted criminal communications.

During the course of the investigation there was no evidence found to support the focuses of this case.

None of the individuals interviewed were willing to produce any communications sent between the owner of Livy’s and themselves or sent between them and other previous or current employees.

The thorough investigation was narrowed down to those with personal involvement in this case.

When investigators made personal contact, none of the interviewed individuals produced any first hand evidence to support any claims of criminal conduct, and some individuals refused to cooperate with the investigation.

All statements and evidence obtained through this investigation was thoroughly reviewed by the Sheriff’s Office.

Following review of this case by the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office it was determined no criminal activity is revealed in this investigation.

At this time, based on the lack of evidence, in addition to the lack of cooperation, by any of the contacted current or previous employees of Livy’s, the Henry County Sheriff’s Office will not be pursuing any criminal charges.

The Henry County Sheriff’s Office is stating that we recognize the reluctance of people to come forward reporting incidents of this nature.

If someone has not yet come forward with information needed to pursue criminal charges, we request they personally contact our office and we will maintain their integrity as a victim and investigate crimes on their behalf.

If anyone who is an actual victim of criminal activity in this incident comes forward, this investigation will be reopened immediately and fully investigated.

The Henry County Sheriff’s Office does not investigate civil matters regarding labor laws. All parties involved in labor law matters have been referred to the appropriate agencies.

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