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Ross Chastain helps remove piece of 'Hail Melon' wall at Martinsville Speedway

RIDGEWAY, VA – Ross Chastain visited Martinsville Speedway on Tuesday to help remove a piece of the wall in Turns 3-4, which will be preserved to forever memorialize his video game move that propelled him into the NASCAR Cup Series Championship 4 in October.

“It’s cool to take this moment, take this afternoon and just physically take the wall out,” Chastain said. “Let’s preserve a piece of it. Repaint the rest of it with new decals and new sponsors and just try to win a grandfather clock here in a few weeks.”

With the 'Hail Melon' or 'Martinsville Miracle' move, Chastain passed five cars during the final lap and even broke the track record.

Before the wall’s removal, he signed it and was given a framed piece of the wall by track president Clay Campbell.

He ended the season as the championship runner-up.

“I’ll do about anything for wins and a chance at a championship. I will absolutely do anything,” Chastain stated.

NASCAR officials outlawed the move in January.

“What’s so cool and what I’m honestly, now, most proud of is that it’s never going to happen again. If it happens, it’ll be penalized so it will deter people from doing it in NASCAR,” Chastain added.

The car from the race will now be preserved.

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